Welcome 2017

Hi! Welcome to 2017! (Yes, I can’t believe this is my first post in 2017…) I am so sorry I haven’t written for a long time. But I did not forget my blog and during this time I was always thinking about what I could tell you. So that now I can tell you the more important, interesting and amazing things that happened during this time.

This is my first winter at London and, as every place in the world, London is very different in the winter or in the summer. Therefore this time is being a constantly discovery and I am trying to explore everything surrounding me. Before Christmas I did many things that I had not done before and that I really want to share with you. My school organized a trip to the Ice skating rink in the Natural History Museum and it was a great idea! It was my first time ice skating and, as you can imagine, I was really scared. Can you remember the first time you did something like this? Something that you hadn’t done before? Because as you know I came from Porto and it doesn’t snow at all there. So taking this into account,  seeing snow in London for the first time in my life was very special, and I felt very lucky because it hadn’t snowed here like this in 4 years.

At school I also had new experiences. First of all, I did two performances  with my drama class, one of them was a play called  Mother Courage and Her Children from Brecht and the other  was a Devising Project, that means that we created the play ourselves. These were my first performances in English, and obviously I was nervous, do you remember the first time you talked to an audience in another language? but at the end it was very good and it is fair to say that I really learnt a lot with this experience. In the same way, I was also nervous for my Mock Exams, because they were my first exams in the UK. But then my teachers were happy with my results and I am very grateful and proud of my work and ready to start this new term.

Then we went to Portugal in our holidays. It was amazing to be with my family again! Seeing my mother, my father and even my brothers ( I already missed them too..) And having fun with my friends again was so good! Then it was Christmas and I just want to tell you about my Christmas Eve dinner, because it is not so usual to have dinner with almost 30 people in your table… and this is not the maximum, because every odd year we are 80 people dining in the same house, eating the same food, cooked by the same people (my grandmother and her sister), so just imagine how big the pans have to be!

When we went to Portugal I felt like a emigrant coming back to my home for Christmas, but then when we got back to London, it felt like I was coming back to my real home. But London isn’t my actual home. I guess I’m just so happy here that it’s almost like it is.

Now I hope that 2017 will be even better than 2016, what is difficult because I think that 2016 was my best year ever, so 2017 better be up to this really big task! But I know that with God’s help the year is going to be fantastic and amazing things are going to happen!   I wish you a wonderful new year and I hope you all find your way to happiness as I am finding mine! I am sure you will!

And now I promise you, I will write more often to tell you everything about my experience studying abroad! Please stay tuned! And tell me what you think!


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