1st time skiing – San Vigilio di Marebbe


Last Friday started my half term holidays and in that evening we travelled to Bologna. I was really excited to go to Italy, not only because I had never been there before and I really wanted to go but also because I started to selfteaching myself and learn Italian this year and this was the best opportunity to practice and test myself. After arriving to Bologna we went to Verona where we stayed just one night but it was enough to visit the town. If you want to go there you should go to the Arena and to Casa di Giulietta, that inspired Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet.

My aunt, my uncle and my cousins have been to San Vigilio di Marebbe, a village in the Dolomites Mountains (a range part of the Alps), for the last five years to ski and this year I was very lucky and they invited me to go with them. I had never skied before in my life so everything was new to me and I didn’t really know what would happen. For those of you that have already skied or are almost professional skiers try to remember your first day, do you remember falling, do you remember doing snowplough? Yes, this was my first experience on a skis, trying to balance myself and not to fall. For those who have never skied, I think that this is what you can expect for your first day, but don’t worry it is very funny and the snow is so soft that you can fall whenever you want without hurting yourself!

Beside learning to ski, this time here has been amazing because I am really improving my Italian! Now I am officially the translator in my group, because the teacher “Il Maestro” doesn’t speak English very well and most of the kids are English and don’t speak Italian, so I have to help them understand each other. This helped me to speak more Italian and made me believe that we can really learn a language just by hearing people talking and trying to talk with them. Has this ever happened to you? If you don’t believe, try it because it would work! And if you don’t speak Italian but you are curious and interested in learning something, here are some sentences that I learnt there and think that are useful: Può me dire dove si trova qualcosa? (Could you tell me where something is?), Posso avere parmigiano? (Can I have cheese?) (this should be useful when you eat pasta!😋)

Now that the week has finished I can do a evaluation and see my improvement. Thinking that one week ago I couldn’t walk with skis on and now I can do blue, red and some black slopes. In the last day  I timed myself to see my improvement and I did an easy but long blue slope called Miara in 5 minutes and in my first day I had done it in half an hour. I think I should be proud of myself! On Friday was the last day of ski classes and all the groups did a race, it was really fun and despite I was the last place I won a medal and I am really happy!

During all the week was sunny and it was very nice but at the same time it didn’t really help because it was too hot. But at the end the weather changed a lot and started to get colder and it started snowing. Do you know how it feels to ski while it is snowing? It is not very easy because the snow is in your face but it is cool to see all the little flakes floating around you.

In Marebbe they speak Italian, the official language, Ladino, a local dialect, and German, because it is close to Austria. This little village between the mountains called Dolomites and are a separate part of the Alps due to the fact that they are made out of a different rock. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, like my hometown Oporto, the views were spectacular and just so incredible. I really enjoyed staying here, I am sure you would too. If you are interested go on google and search Kronplatz or San Vigilio Di Marebbe and if you can go there on your holidays it is beautiful either at winter or summer.

Now I am coming back to London after these wonderful family holidays and ready for a new term at school!

A presto! 😊⛷🎿❄️🏔🏞🗺



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  1. wow! amazing story, i hope to try skiing one day!


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