Our trip to København 

Last Monday was bank holiday so we had a long weekend and we went to Copenhagen! It was a fantastic trip in such a wonderful city! We were very lucky with the weather, it was really sunny and we could cycle everywhere! This was the perfect way to know this city where everyone cycles and everyone is happy! 😊 Copenhagen is the happiest city for a reason! We’ve been there 3 days and it was enough to visit central Copenhagen and to learn some words in Danish! (by the way “Tak” is thank you)

If you had already been there you know how beautiful this city is but if you haven’t, here you have some tips and places you could visit. First of all, I think that the best way to see the city is by bicycle which you can rent on the street called GoBike and they are super modern and electric! Obviously you should go to some of the Danish Palaces but at least go to Rosenborg Slot where they have the Treasury. Then we went to the Botanical Gardens where there is a Crystal Palace and it is very beautiful. You should also have a cultural part of your trip and go to a few museums. We went to the National Museum of Denmark that has lots of interesting things about the Vikings! You also should go to the Design Museum, that I wasn’t lucky enough to visit because it was closing when I arrived… In terms of Design and Architecture this city is just incredible and wherever you go you’ll see amazing buildings. The best examples are the Library called The Black Diamond, the Opera House and Nyhavn (that means New Harbour and is an area next to a canal with lots of beautiful houses painted with different colours). But there are not just modern buildings in Copenhagen and one of the best examples of is the Marble Church ‘Markmorkirken’. Of course, you should go to the most famous statue of Denmark: the Little Mermaid. I was with low expectations about it because of what everyone had told me but actually I really liked it! It is placed near a beautiful park in Langelinie where the majority of the big cruise ships dock. I also think we were lucky because it was low tide and we could go closer!

The best place to eat is the Street Food Market called Papirøen and you definitely should go there!

For those of you who have already been in Copenhagen and you know more places and tips feel free to comment below and I’ll use it the next time I go there! Because I really want to come back! For those who haven’t been there yet I hope you enjoy as much as me and I hope these tips were helpful!


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