Exchange Programme Sacred Heart school• Rome

In the last week of May I went to Rome as part of my Exchange Programme between my Sacred Heart school in London and the Sacred Heart school in Rome. The school is called Istituto Sacro Cuore della Trinità dei Monti and is in the top of Scalinata di Spagna (the Spanish steps) in Piazza di Spagna, right in the centre of this wonderful city.

This time I decided to write two posts about this trip: in this one I’m telling you about the Exchange Programme and the experience in school and in the next one I’ll tell you everything about my days in Rome and my adventures!

As we were in the top of the hill, the view from the roof garden was unforgettable and it was hard to believe that I was in a school. I was so amazed about everything but then I realised that those students were in the most beautiful school in the world and they didn’t even appreciate it. 

During lessons teachers didn’t teach a lot because these were the last weeks of school and they’d already finished the programme. Besides that, lessons were very good to learn Italian and relearn French! A curious fact about this school is that it is in a French territory – Trinità dei Monti – therefore all the students are taught French and they can choose to study History in French and do the final examination ESABAC as if they were studying in France. For this reason, the school is called a Liceo Europeo where you can study languages and social sciences in Liceo Linguistico and Giuridico-Economico. Added to these subjects they have to study sciences that are compulsory across the country. This means that they take 11 subjects during 5 years of High school what seems a lot comparing to our curriculum in the UK with just 4 subjects at Sixth Form.

At some point I had to speak Spanish in lesson and present my school in london because the Exchange Programme teacher was Spanish. However it was hard to speak because I was learning Italian recently and I started to mix all the languages up and suddenly I was speaking Spanish, Italian and Portuguese…😅

During the time I was in the school, two other exchange students came from New Orleans, USA and it was really nice to talk with them and know their Sacred Heart school that seems similar to ours. 

Everyday I went to school with Eleonora but every afternoon I went on different walks around the city. In the beginning Eleonora was guiding me but then I started just to go by myself and explore Rome! It was the first time I was visiting a big city by my own and I really enjoyed it! It was a great way to use my independence and responsibility to go with the flow and explore this city that is the centre of Classic and Modern History. 🎨🏟🏛 The presence of the Roman Empire and Barroc Art is everywhere and, as a history of Art student and lover, I was super interested in wandering around and find all those places, buildings, paintings and sculpture that I had already studied. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and stay tuned to check the next post about my adventures in Rome!! ☺️🇮🇹⛲️🍝🍕


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