Porto photographs series

Hi there! What’s up? How have you been? I hope you’re great!☺️ I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while. But now I’m back and have lots of things to tell you! As you may know I’m back to Portugal but I still wanna tell you my life experiences and adventures!

Do you know how it is to come back to your home country after living abroad? I didn’t know how it was before July but now I’ve experienced it myself and I actually like it! I’m happy to be back! It’s different from coming back to my old life…it’s more like coming back for a new life! Now I’m at university and have lots of new projects! The first one that is related to this blog is the new series of photos of Porto. I’ll post one per week and I’ll show you how incredible this city is and I’ll try to convince you to come here!

Stay tuned because I’m so excited to tell you everything!


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