V Porto Photographs Series

Só não há turistas porque é uma manhã de inverno. Ribeira, Ponte Luís I e Monte da Virgem, Gaia Advertisements

III Porto Photographs Series

Looking down to the river • Parece uma aldeia no centro da cidade • Porto has so many hills that I have to walk something like this everyday to go to school. But I feel so lucky to have this amazing view and beautiful walk on my way!

Portugal – Easter at home

Hi guys!I am sorry but I haven’t written in a while and I have some posts in delay.  Desta vez decidi escrever em português porque o que vos vou contar é sobre Portugal e achei melhor falar na minha língua! (If you didn’t understand what I just said you won’t understand everything in this post…

Porto, my city!

Today my mum sent me this picture of Porto! It reminded me of how much I love my city and how much I miss it! ☺️Já tenho muitas saudades!

Welcome 2017

Hi! Welcome to 2017! (Yes, I can’t believe this is my first post in 2017…) I am so sorry I haven’t written for a long time. But I did not forget my blog and during this time I was always thinking about what I could tell you. So that now I can tell you the more…

Home sweet home

On the October half-term holidays, I went to Portugal to visit my family and to celebrate my birthday! 🎂🍰 It was an amazing trip as it was the first time I made a flight on my own and because I really missed my family and friends! It was very good to see them all again!…