Porto, my city!

Today my mum sent me this picture of Porto! It reminded me of how much I love my city and how much I miss it! ☺️Já tenho muitas saudades!

Home sweet home

On the October half-term holidays, I went to Portugal to visit my family and to celebrate my birthday! 🎂🍰 It was an amazing trip as it was the first time I made a flight on my own and because I really missed my family and friends! It was very good to see them all again!…

My 18th Birthday 

Last Friday, 21st October, it was my 18th birthday! It was the first time I celebrated my birthday away from home but it was an amazing day! As every Friday, I had to go to school, but this time when I arrived my friends surprised me with two big balloons with #1 and #8! 🎈🎈…

More about me and this blog…

I am Catarina, a 17-year-old Portuguese girl (turning 18) and in August 2016 I moved to London! I am having so much fun that I decided to start this blog and share with you my experiences, my travels, thoughts, questions and discoveries in this awesome city!

About Me

Hello! I am Catarina and this is my new blog! If you want to find out more about me and about what this blog is going to be about please stay tuned and see my first posts! Thank you! See you soon!