V Porto Photographs Series

Só não há turistas porque é uma manhã de inverno. Ribeira, Ponte Luís I e Monte da Virgem, Gaia

III Porto Photographs Series

Looking down to the river • Parece uma aldeia no centro da cidade • Porto has so many hills that I have to walk something like this everyday to go to school. But I feel so lucky to have this amazing view and beautiful walk on my way!

Porto, my city!

Today my mum sent me this picture of Porto! It reminded me of how much I love my city and how much I miss it! ☺️Já tenho muitas saudades!

Visiting London with Eleonora 

I am taking part in an Exchange Programme between Sacred Heart Schools around the world. This weekend my exchange student called Eleonora came from Rome to spend two weeks with me. She is going to live with us and go with me to school. I am really excited about this experience! I started to show…